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 Football begins in Second Life :

It all started on December 2007, when a team called Indargazte F.T. took part in an italian tournament, sponsored by the telecommunications company Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM). This football team that was directed by Redlag Mayo, won the cup and the  L$ 1,000,000 prize. This tournament was played by a simple HUD called TIM soccer HUD, that became after it v-Soccer system, where Alistar Snook, an italian project manager that worked for the company that organized the toournament, took an important part to realize it, without third part sponsorship.

The first dream :

The players of this team donated this amount to Redlag Mayo, who invested it to create the first Spanish football league in SL, now is called LEFV.
They had their own sims for 2 years, but after it, they wanted to create their own football system.

LFV community begins :

Our first step was to create the first Spanish football league in Second Life.
Redlag and Alistar meet up and decided to work since 2008 together making only 1 system, the best ever made in Second Life grid that could join spanish and italian football leagues. They had almost 2 years of experience in SL football gaming, so they knew all problems (cheating by players, lag, multiple avatars of the same player) about the game, and they wanted to create a complex but efficent system, that anyone could hack or use tricks to be better than other players.
Finally on 2011 LFV HUD system was online for people, and we provided untill the end of 2014 to make tournaments, leagues and multiple cups. on the best period we had 2 leagues active, spanish and italian, with 8 teams each league active. Normally, the matches were played Monday to Thursday from 1.30 PM to 2.15 PM PST. Each team also had his stadium where they could pratice during the week and Official stadium were used for tournament matches, where offial referees with their HUD system assisted the match.
More or less we organized more than 25 tournaments in Second Life, considering that we have involved 1600 users in this years around the world and we did also 3 World Cup with nationals team, where we considered the real nationality of each player.
They were good times, 7 years in Second Life planning tournaments, developing website and our game.
We made a page about more or less a complete list of tournaments done during our Second Life experience, you can find it on History of football in Second Life.

After it, our server was closed by virus attack, and we decided to shut down the game, deleting the fields active in Second Life.

 Return online:

After 5 years, on 2020, Second Life users requested our game online yet because they never found, after 9 years a game better that our, so, Alistar Snook decided to restore the game online.
Now, LFV Community only provide to install the game in Second Life, it gives support and services to users.
We are always no-profit but, all kind of help is appreciated, to maintain this website and our databases alive.

 Some basic standards are:

 – LFV provides you an online football system game with 3D where every user is a different person handling this character in a team with more players like him and them in a environment in three dimensions.

Here, your opponent will not be the computer, the opposing team will consist of people like you. Every player, president and referee, is a person who takes his role inside the football world and inside LIGAFUTBOLVIRTUAL.

– The LFV community works with its own website.

– LFV is a non-profit community that is not managed by a RL company.

If you want to try the game and join with us, plese join in Second Life.


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