LigaFutbolVirtual TOS and Giudelines for Region Owners


  • Use the HUD and the system for free on dedicated field installed. The place is open 24/7 for everyone.


  • Use the field installed without pay a rent: there aren’t cost for you! We want that soccer is something freeware and for everyone


  • If you want to build your own football stadium and you like to have our system, you can ask for it. It has an annual cost. Also, you have to agree at NOT ALLOWED points before asking for it.


  • You can create your teams and make leagues, if you need support on website directly to just ask. website can check alters too, it’s possible to create dedicated team pages, tournament pages, standings and so on. Also for this point, please check the NOT ALLOWED things before go ahead.


  • Search for sponsors for your league, and ask to add the sponsor in the HUD.This is not freeware, we need to build another HUD version, but it’s possible to do it. It has an annual cost.


  • You can ask to use Second Life LFV official group to create tournament: dedicated roles to manage it (notices and group powers) will be sent after a meeting.


  • As last thing, keep in mind that a tipjar is a lot appreciated!


  • Delete LFV Logos
  • Try to re-brand the system with other names, the only name visible on the field will be LFV (LIGAFUTBOLVIRTUAL) and the only website link will be, you can create your personal website or blog if it has a link to the main website ( Any other attempt to try to re-brand the community is forbidden, also if you made a simple blog without any LFV logos or link that point to the main website.
  • You can customize your stadium as you like, always leaving LFV boards and LFV logo visible. You are using something that isn’t your, so just a bit of advertising it’s appreciated.
  • You can create your personal group of friends players (teams), but when you try to become an organization group with different logos that try to re-brand the game you are going against our TOS: There might be cases where, after a meeting we can accept another organizing group, but only if we see LFV logos or link on description of the main website page. As we repeat multiple times, we have our Second Life group where we are happy to give dedicated roles.
  • Ask for HUD or system modifies. Game was created on 2011, and last HUD update is at may 2022, we are happy about what we made, and we don’t want to listen suggestions to be similar to other older/out of date system of the past that are offline since several years.
    In case of some news that can help LFV HUD gameplay you will directly receive the new HUD or an updated system. Also, we don’t make customization for your Region stadium.


  • You are using LFV system but also if it’s installed in your region you don’t own it, you aren’t the owner, you are free to decide about your teams/players or leagues/tournaments but not about LFV system


  • You can’t copy any object made by LigaFutbolVirtual Braveheart, you are going against the Linden Lab TOS, and as happened in the past, there will be an automatic complaint, and your items deleted from Second Life, or in worst case, ban of the avatar from Second Life.


  • Scripts are strictly no perms since 2011, don’t lose time asking for something opensource. This will never happen.


  • In case it happens something that can break LFV rules (or TOS), also if you paid the annual rent for the system, it will be immediately turned off from your region. No refund


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