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Forum online!

We are happy to show you a new, important and magic tool created.

It's very simple to use, and you can have access in our forum directly with Second Life.

We work always to give to users the best solutions and help people that want to join in our community.

Here the step to have access at our new forum:

1) search the notebook object on the field where you can read register.

2) just 1 click on this object, in case you want to register in our forum, and you have done. IMPORTANT: you can't do it multiple times, so for that reason you have to read what appears in local chat. The tool is scripted that you can't make multiple registrations.

3) On local chat it appears the registration done, with a temporary password. Also it appers the notecard of instructions to follow + link to our forum, just to give you all things you need directly in your desktop. Please copy CTRL + C the temporary password

4) Go to for first login, adding SL name + SL surname and paste temporary passowrd CTRL + V.

5) Now you are logged in our forum, you can go to edit profile and change password with one that it's easy for you to remember and add some more things, like you email, an avatar picture and info about you

6) You are ready to use our forum, and talk with our users.

In case you need help you can write here.

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