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Here we are! After 10 years when all started in Second Life, we want to celebrate our 10th Birthday of our football project that merged italian and spanish leagues in only 1 football system, LFV HUD system.

Well to be honest we are older than 10 years in Second Life, we used other primitive and bugged football systems, do you remember v-soccer system?

We had a great community in Second Life, we did more than 20 official tournaments during the years, involved people from all countries. After that, cause of some problem had on website, we decided to close the game online.

We think to have done the best football system for Second Life ever made since SL exist, and we still proud of that.

In this year we celebrate the 10th birthday of this project, it’s a very long period. It’s all started with Redlag Mayo and Alistar Snook, and a lot of people that helped to grow up month after month, and we had great times in Second Life grid with our game and tournaments. It’s a long list of members: scripters, web developers, staff people in Second Life, referees, club presidents, we want to thank each of you that joined in our community.

LFV field – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blueliner/151/174/2254

For that reason, and to thank you in someway, Alistar decided to restore the system online, for Second Life football lovers. An important consideration: it’s only a place where people can come to join and have fun, LFV will provide only the system ready to use to players, nothing more. It will not be like in the past where we planned for matches or tournaments or particular cups.

Anyway it was a big effort to restore again the game online after all this years, so I have we have to say thank you to all people that helped in this project, coding, testing, and supporting us. Maybe the system still having some little bugs yet to fix, but you can have fun if you have pleasure to come visit us. And don’t worry, problem will be fixed soon for a complete football experience in Second Life. It’s a lot appreciated a donation to this community, it will help keep the game online and improve it.

We have the field ready to use and a small Welcome Area for newbie (or old players) interested to learn more about our game or visit us.

Welcome Area near the LFV Field – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blueliner/176/182/2253

Alistar and his staff also created a simple website with some old info about tournaments and rules, and we have a forum for people that want to join us and discuss about football and Second Life. How to join in it? like on the past, on field you have register object, and you will be directly joined on the forum.

What’s the next move?

This website it’s for all Second Life users, we’ll be a service game provider, and also we’ll have a little blog where you can read (or write) news about Second Life.

LFV Community is looking for:

  • Bloggers
  • LSL Scripters
  • Textures Creators
  • AO creators
  • Clothing designers
  • Builders
  • Staff members

We hire expecially all kind of interesting projects/job in Second Life that you want to share with us, maybe your ideas or unused project can become part of this community in only one big brand.

We are working also to restore our LFV Marketplace system, where people registered can create your own shops and advertise them in our community.

We have a good forum to discuss and stay in touch, please use it!

Have all of you good football times in Second Life guys, and thank you! 10 years!


LFV 10th Birthday

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