We are online (again)!

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You Are Here:, Second LifeWe are online (again)!

Yesterday we celebrate our return in Second Life. Our community has his first football field online after some years. We celebrate the event doing a football match in Second Life, like in the gold era of this grid.

It was a pleasure assist again people involved in a football match, we still have some little bugs on the game to fix yet, but I can say it was a great event. And thank you to all members they donate to support us.

I remember that the football pitch is open to all visitors freeware, you can take our HUD player for free near the field and have fun with your friends.

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2 thoughts to “We are online (again)!”

  1. Que grandes momentos recuerdo de este juego en second life. Fui arbitro y formamos un equipo increíble. Estaría bien volver a formar el equipo y pasar nuevos ratos.

    1. You are welcome to login and contact us again. And of course let’s hope you can create a team! 😉

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