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The new Linden Lab’s website is online and intends to focus on the use of the Second Life platform as a tool and logistical-operational base for organizing safe solutions for meetups, lessons and remote conferences.

With an increasingly globalized context within a quarantine that has knocked out the lives of everyone and the economies of the states around the planet, re-thinking alternative, innovative and valid ways to deal in a congruous, positive and, why not, also amusing, the relationships and the forms of aggregation in the post-covid phase, has become a present and pressing imperative.

Second Life, with his modern, easy, and innovative platform compared to similar solutions, offers a serious and professional response to the request for “new mood” and “new path” to a world that is preparing with many uncertainties to return to the post-quarantine life.

The future starts now!

It’s an invite to students or companies: Please try this grid and you will find an innovative solution for your business or a new way to teach at school

I am here also for An educational path that aims to understand and use the Second Life 3D platform and virtual worlds.

Here the link of the new website: https://www.connect.secondlife.com/

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