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In Corazones Unidos SIM, we have a place where his purpose is have fun and teach new users about Second Life. We think that also a ball can be a good “book”. LFV community is focused on this important project.

There aren’t fights or bad behaviours: we decided to not make tournaments for now to avoid any kind of problems. Everyone is welcome to play but following our rules like all places you visit in Second Life. There are 3 teams that are looking for new players right now: FC Templarios, Sevilla FC SL, and New York Cosmos. Soon probably there will be a friendly triangular with this teams.

The place is open to everyone that want to have fun, also and expecially for old friends / players, but our goal is teach new users in Second Life interested to pratice a sport, the power of this grid.

Every evening around 22.30 RL time (Spain / Italy) – 1.30 PM SLT you can see our game system working, and with our staff, in case you like to learn it, we can teach you wearing our game HUD and have fun together.

This is an example of stadium that we can create in your SIM if you find our project innovative.

About the system game, we inform our users that we have a new version of GameMaster that fix all issues had in the first month since we came back. Now matches can be played without a continue assistance from our staff, and this is an important step completed.

On the next month, we’ll focus our attention on HUD player: we decided to take a look on HUD player too, and fix a couple of issues found during the matches played, with player’s feedbacks. It will be quite impossible to create a perfect game in Second Life, because of limitation on the grid, but we continue improving the game because we believe in our project: we want to share it for free with you and we are happy when they say us it’s a good game!

Do you want a similar place like that in your SIM? Create a team first!

Photos by: AlbertoRS Resident

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