How to wear the LFV HUD

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I started doing simple videotutorial about our HUD. Expecially for new users in Second Life, it’s a bit hard understand how to check if their avatars are ok to wear our HUD.

I always suggest to new users to use official Second Life viewer: it’s simple, and you don’t have any bridge scripts attached in your avatar!

I will create in another videotutorial the “bridge” problem using a third part viewer for Second Life, for now, let’s focus to check 2 important things before wear our LFV HUD:

  • Height: It must be in a range of 2.10 – 2.30 mt
  • Scripts: check if your avatar has some hide scripts attached

It’s quite simple, and you take more or less 1 minute to check this 2 things, let’s see the videotutorial:

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