SLB17: Happy Birthday Second Life!

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Second Life turns 17!
On 19th June Linden Lab celebrates this important milestone, 17 years of this virtual world! 20 active regions are waiting for you to see the exhibitors, take gifts, dance and have fun!

It’s a very important milestone if we think that even today, after 17 years, it is populated by over 600,000 users. An incredible result, we must thank all the Linden Lab employees who still allow us to create and have fun today and give us all the tools necessary to do it efficiently.

I started my Second Life on 2007, a long time ago, 13 years and half ago. I can be considered a veteran of Second Life now. I had fun, I created, I met people around the world, I still having friends out of my country and I am happy to login in SL to chat with them.

Second Life gave me a lot, and I think to have done something good in my Second Life.. what? well, I created 2 soccer systems. I dedicated more or less my entire Second Life time to soccer game in Second Life. What we did is already explaned here, it was a very long trip!

This community was created on 2008, so we can be considered a small part of SL too. We runned together for a long period.

Happy Birthday, dear Second Life!

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