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In recent days we have released a new version of the HUD player.
There was a need, also due to future projects at the end of the summer where we will participate, to further improve something in our project.

There are significant differences that you will find in the HUD Dispenser on football fields:

  • The first of all is the possibility to choose between HUD Fan and HUD Pro. The gameplay of the two HUDs is identical, but it changes the fact that in the HUD Pro there are anti-cheaters controls like in the past. We are giving to users the opportunity to use an HUD without avatar checkings, so that it’s easier to wear in case you want to use the game for fun or to teach new Second Life users. HUD Pro will be used by advanced players and for matches/tournaments.
  • We are currently working on Stamina: we are testing for a new parameter of it, to give to users a little more stamina to run on field during the game play
  • We are currently testing the sprint: we are testing how the gameplay can change in case we give more seconds of sprint to users.

In the next few days we will look for the right balance of stamina and sprint.

We also have in mind to fix some known issues in the HUD and we will certainly do it in order to give users (new and old ones) a definitive version 3.1 of our game system, to celebrate in the right way the tenth birthday of this project in Second Life.

You are welcome to come and test in our Stadium, and maybe give us some suggestions to create our new HUD version.

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