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Our work on improving the system continues and we are happy to show you and announce to everyone that since yesterday we have a new ball!

There are many differences from the previous ball:

  • The first is of an aesthetic nature, we have a new texture on the ball, we have chosen to give the ball more color but not excessive, our decision refers to a well-known ball used for the world cup. Even the previous ball referred to a known ball used at the World Cup, let’s say we updated 20 years compared to the previous texture
  • We decided to give a different rolling on the ball. Now a player in possession of the ball will see the ball turn in a different way (and more)
  • The gameplay has increased its speed: The shot will be stronger and therefore faster, which makes everything faster in gameplay
  • The low-pass transition made with a quick click on the left mouse button has changed radically: The pass will be shorter as shooting power but with this modification, if you are an expert player, you can dribble the opponent by making him a sombrero or simply by making a self-pass that in combination with the sprint will be useful to dribble your opponent using speed.

Also, on the HUD player, we confirmed to have done an update that fix the S button issue:

  • There is no longer that known problem to the ball that was stuck for a second in case the avatar moves backwards

The system is available to be tested, and any suggestions will help to make necessary changes for a better balance of the parameters

With this update we haven’t certainly finished our work, there are still many things to do and we will continue to develop for a better system. We will continue to create new stuff, the HUD player will have a new function, and we will continue to give users the best soccer game experience in SL. We were the first in the past to bring news never seen on Second Life regarding football, we will continue to do so until we have imagination. I would like to thank all the guys who helped in the tests, especially david24 Galicia and AlbertoRS Resident, without the expert players who give ideas, you cannot improve and create new things.

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