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Recently, we have updated our HUD player with the version.

Finally we can say to have fixed all issues found on the HUD.

The hardest ones were:

  • Bug with “S” key: When a player was running and used “S” key (run backward) the ball became inactive for a few seconds
  • Sprint bug: It was the hardest issue found on the gameplay, if a player were in sprint mode and shooted the ball the avatar was stuck for 1 second, stopping the running.

These two problems have been completely solved with the new version. Previous version had sprint changes but the problem was not completely fixed.

I would like also to remember you that during 2020, we made the following changes to the game system:

  • Gamemaster: We tried to fix the out of memory (when the system seemed stucked and it required a manual reset of it). Now admins of Gamemaster, can directly inworld reset the system in few seconds.
  • 2 HUD versions: HUD fan and HUD pro.
  • HUD FAN: Just dress it and you can play, it is not necessary to take off scripts, or clothes, or height, this new version is for friendly matches, train, teach new players etc.
  • HUD PRO: the HUD is similar with HUD FAN but this HUD is intended to be used in competitions, restricting height, scripts, etc to avoid cheating.
  • Game speed: The game speed has increased, the ball now has more power and speed
  • Ball: The ball has a new texture, and there is more rotation of the ball when the player is in possession.
  • 3rd person gameplay: We have added on C button of keyboard, the low pass, in first person and in third person, now you can make pass in third person without having to pass to the first, there are 3 different types of pass, the low passage with the C, the short pass by giving a fast click to the left mouse button and long pass or shooting, loading the left mouse button. This option is now also in the E keyboard, both in first person and in third person.
  • Mouse button: Quick click on the left mouse button, now you make a short pass, sombrero or self-pass. With a normal click on left mouse button you still shooting as always
  • Time of stamina: it’s increased by 25% more
  • Time of sprint: Sprint duration has been increased and the waiting to be able to use the sprint again has been reduced, it is now possible to use the sprint several times and quickly. The sprint time has been increased by approximately 3 seconds, so now you can sprint for 5 seconds.
  • Field Texture: Now we have the 100×70 mt field created with 4 prims, and 4 different textures instead of 1 prim and 1 texture. This modify allows you to see the lines of the field and the grass in an higher resolution.

We are always ready to listen new ideas, and new helpers are welcome.

I would like to remind you all, that we are the only sport / game on Second Life that has made changes to his system and continues to offer better solutions to users.

News will also be announced very soon!! Stay tuned!

Have you all the best Christmas holidays, and a happy new year!

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