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LigaFutbolVirtual joined at forver tourist – new Passport Game in Second Life

On 20th September 2021, Second Life medias promoted this new game for Residents: Be a forever tourist in #SecondLife – check out this new Passport Game for Residents that like to explore –…/477274-forever…Watch the tutorial video on YouTube and get started: We like so much this idea, so I get my new Passport, and we decided to join in this new game, adding our LigaFutbolVirtual Stadium as places where people can come to visit

LFV HUD version – definitive HUD

It’s online since almost 5 months a definitive and tested HUD version that fix all kind of bugs found during the last year and half. Thank you to all testers / players and suggestions had during this period. The last and definitive HUD release it’s called, it’s available on Fan and Pro versions (already explained the difference between this 2 HUD on past versions, see Let’s see on specific what changed since last

SL18B: Happy Birthday Second Life

This June, Second Life will be turning 18! The 18th annual Second Life birthday celebration (SL18B) will be held from June 17th to July 6th. This year was a bit different for me. I joined on Volunteers Crew Group trying to help with the event. I had no experience with music, events etc, as you know my Second Life was always dedicated to sports and soccer in particular, so I re-started as a newbie. I

Second Life Cycling Federation (SLCF)

The Second Life Cycling Federation (SLCF) started its journey in February 2021, with the purpose of developing cycling in Second Life.  We aim to build a community of people sharing the principles of sport in a healthy atmosphere. A fresh and original initiative that we hope will attract sports fans in Second Life in the following months.    Our activity plans will include road racing, extending from closed circuit to open road events (including stage

LFV in Second Life official medias

Yesterday we had the privilege of being added on all official Second Life channels. You can see the post in the following links: I would like to thank Linden Lab (and specifically some of its employees) for the kind free advertising help they have offered to our platform and our game. And also thank you for the really nice photo sent to me: Also I would like to show you a preview

LFV HUD – Version

Recently, we have updated our HUD player with the version. Finally we can say to have fixed all issues found on the HUD. The hardest ones were: Bug with “S” key: When a player was running and used “S” key (run backward) the ball became inactive for a few seconds Sprint bug: It was the hardest issue found on the gameplay, if a player were in sprint mode and shooted the ball the avatar

New LFV Ball & HUD Updated

Our work on improving the system continues and we are happy to show you and announce to everyone that since yesterday we have a new ball! There are many differences from the previous ball: The first is of an aesthetic nature, we have a new texture on the ball, we have chosen to give the ball more color but not excessive, our decision refers to a well-known ball used for the world cup. Even the

Updated LFV HUD Soccer Player

In recent days we have released a new version of the HUD player. There was a need, also due to future projects at the end of the summer where we will participate, to further improve something in our project. There are significant differences that you will find in the HUD Dispenser on football fields: The first of all is the possibility to choose between HUD Fan and HUD Pro. The gameplay of the two HUDs

SLB17: Happy Birthday Second Life!

Second Life turns 17! On 19th June Linden Lab celebrates this important milestone, 17 years of this virtual world! 20 active regions are waiting for you to see the exhibitors, take gifts, dance and have fun! It’s a very important milestone if we think that even today, after 17 years, it is populated by over 600,000 users. An incredible result, we must thank all the Linden Lab employees who still allow us to create and

Relay for life of Second Life 2020

Celebrate cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost, and fight back alongside the largest community of cancer-fighting avatars in Second Life. Explore 45 regions of beautiful and interactive experiences that embody the 2020 theme: Game On, Cancer! The Cure Starts Here. All donations made throughout the event benefit the American Cancer Society’s research, education, and service programs both in and out of Second Life. LFV community was there, with Alistar Snook, that runned for 45 SIMs,